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Challenges  — September 13, 2015


the job I want and the career I’ve chosen are quite similar, EMS/Fire. There’s not a ton of money in EMS alone but working for a fire department in a large city has potential. Potential to grow and earn a comfortable living.  So that’s what I’m trying to do, get on with a large city run fire department. My first trip to the big city is later this week, a 5 hour drive to a city I don’t really know for a workshop of the written exam. I’ll head to the big city four times in the next month for this workshop. The more practice and the better prepared I am the better my chances of passing the exam as one of the top 25. The top 25 move on, the rest wait until next year to take the exam again. 

The top 25 move on to the first of two oral boards. Those who pass the first move on to the second oral board exam. Those who pass the second oral board then go on to take the CPAT, or the physical exam. 

For now I’ll focus on the first exam prep workshop at the end of the week.